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"Thanks again for today. I walked outside to get lunch, and for the first time in a long while, I felt my body just let go and relax, and I could fully enjoy the beautiful weather outside. The chat, tips, and direction you have given me today allowed me to let go of much of the anxiety I had been experiencing, which is huge..."


- Private Client





"I had a consultation with Mikael when he was working with another company. It was mind blowing. His insight goes far beyond running a successful business. He cut through all the crap and I walked away a calmer person."


- Camila Prada

Artist and Entrepreneur, CAMILAPRADA






"I have been consulting with Mikael on two projects, one directly for my company and another for a local business with which I also am working. Both are comfortably entering a refocusing phase and both are receiving tremendous value from the strategic and tactical planning that he provides. He is very intuitive and has the pulse of what clients and customers seek. My highest recommendation. You've nothing to lose."


- Russ Schweikert, CIC






"It was great working with Mikael. As a coach he has the ability to listen and come up with out of the box ideas. I got great value from working with him. He is very kind, a good listener, has lots of empathy and he is a true professional. Thanks Mikael."


- Sachar Perlman

IT Entrepreneur and Executive Coach





"Mikael listened and understood all my fears and concerns. His advice and recommendations are invaluable. His expertise and professionalism is more than I expected. I've never worked with anyone that was more willing to help."


- Debra Brenneman

Business Owner





"Mikael's coaching has been instrumental by providing clarity of objectives for strategic planning. His generosity, and passion for helping others, is combined with his ability to help you focus on key areas. These form his commitment and excellence in coaching."


- Annette Heatherington

Executive Director, Social Venture Partners






"Mikael is very attentive, and really took the time to understand my situation and drill down to help me figure out exactly what my next steps were. He also gave me some great advice and ideas on how to make those next steps achievable and successful. I would recommend anyone looking for a business consultant to contact Mikael."


- Carla Woolnough

President/CEO, Stage to Fit Inc.






"Mikael has a way of naming the question behind the question. He was helpful in naming a real struggle that I had been overlooking as my prime barrier to my first steps towards realising my career goals. In fact, he helped me think of it less as a barrier, but just to notice the relationship in the first place and listen to it."


- Nico Koenig

Coordinator, training and Capacity Building,

Toronto Drop In Network





"I discussed plans to start my own company with Mikael. He is both a good listener and good at keeping the conversation on the right track. He gave me valuable courage and tools for an important meeting."


- Anders Wockatz

ICT-coordinator and former Principal,

Orust Municipality





"Mikael approaches his clients with a thoughtfulness that speaks to his understanding and willingness to listen."


- Abigail Slater

Director, Barlow Lane Holdings Limited





"Mikael has been a big help to our business… he has opened our eyes and minds to many lucrative opportunities that exist within our business and has been helpful in offering advice on subjects such as sales and marketing, staffing, finance, and pricing. He is worth his weight in gold."


- Nadine Westcarr

Business Owner





"I was impressed with Mikael's generosity and genuine heart-felt passion from the get-go. His creative ideas and suggestions for business improvement were clearly envisioned and communicated. I was most impressed with his advice on how to offer my business more easily: "Find a way to do more of what you love to do. Let your work speak for itself." (paraphrased). This advice alone has freed me up to better help my new and exiting clients! Thanks Mikael. I will, of course, be back for more of your wisdom."


- Brandon Brophy

Director, 3rd Voice Vocal Studio




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WHITE LIGHT INDUSTRIES delivers significant business utility by revealing and leveraging unique strategic perspectives.
The consulting is founded on Mikael's distinctive ability to support individuals and organizations by affecting increased awareness.
White Light Industries - Mikael Hedman
Mikael Hedman is a management professional, business developer, and personal coach & mentor with global experience from corporate management, business start-ups, military command assignments, humanitarian and diplomatic service.
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