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1. Learn how you get good with coaching.


2. See how clients benefit from mentorship and say hi on LinkedIn.


3. Ask what it costs your life and business to continue trying to evolve on your own, then compare how soon growth will happen on your own compared with the help of seasoned mentorship. Now decide if it makes sense to afford my services.


4. Commit to your potential: TAKE THE STEP!


To make sure that I am right for you before you make the crucial decision to enlist my support, we may start with a thirty minute consultation to discuss the process and your business before we decide to work together.



I am always open to accommodate your financial situation and serve per donation. Sessions can be rescheduled up to 24h in advance.


(PayPal and most credit cards accepted.)

WHITE LIGHT INDUSTRIES delivers significant business utility by revealing and leveraging unique strategic perspectives.
The consulting is founded on Mikael's distinctive ability to support individuals and organizations by affecting increased awareness.
White Light Industries - Mikael Hedman
Mikael Hedman is a management professional, business developer, and personal coach & mentor with global experience from corporate management, business start-ups, military command assignments, humanitarian and diplomatic service.
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