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I am a management professional, business developer, and mentor with global experience from corporate management, business start-ups, military command assignments, humanitarian and diplomatic service. But much more than that I am someone who is dedicated to evolve consciousness.


I have consulted with hundreds of business owners on everything from manufacturing, marketing, and how to launch their business, to sensitive partnership issues, and personal challenges in their own lives. I am particularly passionate about supporting women. Thanks to the immense value available to the world and the marketplace when women assume their natural potential, I support women leaders and business owners in any way possible.


I keep my mentorship simple, natural, and obvious. I mentor by helping you access your own most highly regarded, but often forgotten intentions. That is all that is needed coupled with a bit of strategy and business acumen.


Awareness is my great passion and purpose in life. I grow more aware through career experiences, still time, victories, and defeats, just like all of us. When I focus my awareness on a client or a business situation, transformation happens in ways that would otherwise require months or years to come about on its own. When you have an opportunity or a hardship, whether personal or business related, it is immensely valuable to benefit from someone who can lead you into the challenge in ways that produce results not immediately available from your own horizon.


In the end, our greatest challenge is not the tough circumstances or the discomfort, but our own belief that we must understand and solve the challenge ourselves to reach completion and “do it right.” This self-oriented attitude is the foundation for much unnecessary confusion, agony, and isolation, based as it is on the faulty notion that the basic foundation is oneself and that a true achievement therefore is to make life happen by oneself.


My most valuable word of advice therefore is to Take the Step – open up to all resources around you. All of life is here to help and reclaim you!


Business without awareness gets callous and meaningless – awareness without business gets lofty and irrelevant. This is what I blog about and how I mentor. Each time a client shifts to greater awareness and becomes a stronger person, I cheer inside.


WHITE LIGHT INDUSTRIES delivers significant business utility by revealing and leveraging unique strategic perspectives.
The consulting is founded on Mikael's distinctive ability to support individuals and organizations by affecting increased awareness.
White Light Industries - Mikael Hedman
Mikael Hedman is a management professional, business developer, and personal coach & mentor with global experience from corporate management, business start-ups, military command assignments, humanitarian and diplomatic service.
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