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The recommended package consists of seven sessions, so that it is clear to both you and myself that we are pursuing a swift change.


The purpose of solving personal and business issues together is to transform you permanently in the process. In other words, the process serves both to refine your business and to evolve yourself.


I analyze, evaluate, strategize, plan, teambuild, project, invent, hold your feet to the fire, and share from my extensive business experience.


It works.



Price (USD)


Start-up biz:





Package of 7




Prices of specific business assignments are agreed individually.



I am always open to accommodate your financial situation and serve per donation.

WHITE LIGHT INDUSTRIES delivers significant business utility by revealing and leveraging unique strategic perspectives.
The consulting is founded on Mikael's distinctive ability to support individuals and organizations by affecting increased awareness.
White Light Industries - Mikael Hedman
Mikael Hedman is a management professional, business developer, and personal coach & mentor with global experience from corporate management, business start-ups, military command assignments, humanitarian and diplomatic service.
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