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Awareness is the most valuable asset you have.

The extent to which you know yourself is directly related to the joy, decisiveness, clarity, and reach available to you.

We all face challenges - in personal relations, at the workplace, and within ourselves.

If you can utilize challenges - not just survive them - and gradually exploit your circumstances for your very own development, as well as for your business undertakings, then you are on course to something truly grand.

The way I counsel is rare. It has its roots in ancient principles and is counter intuitive to the way most of us conduct our lives today, yet is highly applicable to both business development and your growth and well-being as a human being.

The result is an even more fulfilling life - may it be as a mother, political leader, chief executive, or simply as who you are!



WHITE LIGHT INDUSTRIES delivers significant business utility by revealing and leveraging unique strategic perspectives.
The consulting is founded on Mikael's distinctive ability to support individuals and organizations by affecting increased awareness.
White Light Industries - Mikael Hedman
Mikael Hedman is a management professional, business developer, and personal coach & mentor with global experience from corporate management, business start-ups, military command assignments, humanitarian and diplomatic service.
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